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A Conversation With God

My jogging companion didn’t show up yesterday.  He was suffering from muscle spasms in his back, and decided to take the day off.  So, I was on my own for the daily five mile walk.  It was a gorgeous day…sunny, light breeze, a few wispy clouds, about 70 degrees.  Just right to wear a sweatshirt and work up a little sweat. About a mile into the walk, I came to a deserted section of the trail.  My mind had been wandering aimlessly as my feet carried me along, not needing any guidance.  Read more [...]

God, Pluto and Limburger Cheese

Many Christians believe that the Bible is the literal and inerrant word of God. When asked for evidence that God exists, they point to the Bible, and the stories describing all the miracles God performed. That is a neat little piece of circular reasoning that is about as logical as the idea of a self-eating watermelon. I was lying in bed thinking about this one night and when I finally fell asleep, I had a very strange dream. It was a few days after returning from a trip to South Africa. Read more [...]