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A Catholic Condom Conundrum

You’re in love.  You get married.  But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile.  Maybe later.  Or maybe not at all.  But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devoutly Catholic or Christian evangelical, so you are anti-abortion.  You might also be anti-contraception, but that only changes the degree of the dilemma that you face.  Because if you really don’t want kids, if having a child would be an emotional or financial disaster or a threat to your health, Read more [...]

False Moral Dilemmas

Moral or ethical dilemmas are often presented in an attempt to manipulate us to accept a particular point of view, no matter how distasteful we find it.  In many cases, the dilemma is bogus, based on illogical or unsupportable premises…a false dilemma.  I will consider three false moral dilemmas here, involving torture, collateral damage and abortion. False Moral Dilemma No. 1:  Torture of prisoners. When the controversy over torture of captured terrorists erupted a year or so ago, an Read more [...]

Secular Pro-Life

Have you ever met anyone who identified themselves as con-life? Didn’t think so.  Neither have I. Everybody is pro-life. But the term has taken on another meaning in our society. It is a euphemism for anti-abortion, or even anti-contraception. Usually it is espoused by religious folks who talk about the ‘sacredness’ of life. But a growing number of nonreligious people identify themselves as ‘pro-life.’ In fact, there is an organization called Secular Pro-Life (SPL), Read more [...]

War on Women = War on the World

This was written before the 2012 election, but much of it it is still true today. There is a lot of political talk these days about the Republican “War on Women,” but their angry rhetoric is about a lot of other wars too.  War against Iran to destroy its nukes, continuing the war in Afghanistan “until we win,” as Rick Santorum advocates, and the war against environmentalists and global warming scientists.  And, of course, the war against organized labor, minimum wage and workplace safety Read more [...]

Rape, Abortion and Scapegoating

The anti-abortion movement in the United States is mostly motivated by religious belief.  But there has been an upsurge in “pro-life” sentiment by people with no religious belief.  Organizations like Secular Pro-Life have sprung up.  Half the people in the US now identify themselves as “pro-life,” a significant increase over the past ten years. “Pro-life” is a euphemism for anti-abortion, and a majority of pro-lifers favor an exception in the case of rape or incest.  There is some Read more [...]

Pharmacists Right To Refuse

No one's health should be hostage to a caregiver's opinion of his or her morality.  In prisons, even hardened murderers are entitled to decent, prompt medical attention.  A woman walking into a pharmacy with a prescription deserves no less.  Yet in at least a dozen states, pharmacists have refused to fill clients' orders for birth control pills on personal moral grounds.  Often the prescriptions have been for emergency contraception…the "morning-after" pills marketed as Plan B that prevent Read more [...]

Confused About Conception

I am confused about conception.  Not about the physical process.  I have two children who are now in their 50's.  I think I understand the physical process of procreation fairly well.  My confusion is about the significance of the moment when the sperm meets the egg.  Many people believe that a PERSON is created at that instant.  And it follows that destruction of that fertilized egg is equivalent to murder. A fertilized human egg, called a zygote, certainly has the potential to become Read more [...]

Abortions, Contraception and Welfare

Note to readers:  If you are a hard-line anti-abortionist, this article is not for you.  I am looking for comments and constructive criticism from people who understand the need to explore alternative actions to limit population growth and help people trapped in the vicious circle of poverty, welfare and unsupportable children.  If you are coming here just to dump your religious dogma, I will probably ignore you…and I hope everyone else participating in the comment thread will do likewise. I Read more [...]

Abortions, Contraceptions and Driving

Unlike other animals, humans have sex for pleasure, and to show affection.  I would wager that at least 99% of the human sexual encounters in the world happen without the specific goal of making a baby.  Recognizing that lovemaking and baby making are rarely simultaneous reasons for having sexual relations is the first essential step on the road to sensible family planning and control of the exploding world population.  Contraception is the vehicle that takes us down that road.  Abortion is the Read more [...]

Gender Selection Abortions – Take 3

 This is the third and last article in a series on this subject.  The previous two are: Gender Selection Abortions Gender Selection Abortions - Take 2 Ask any adamant pro-choicer what they think of a woman who seeks an abortion solely because she has a female fetus, and you will most likely get a look of horror and revulsion.  Queried why, they would point out the obvious chauvinistic and discriminatory aspects, and might even claim that the resulting shortage of females in the population Read more [...]

Gender Selection Abortions – Take 2

This is a continuation of an earlier article on this subject titled Gender Selection Abortions.  There is also  a follow on article titled Gender Selection Abortions - Take 3. Some countries have laws prohibiting gender-based abortion, but they are largely ignored in Asia, where the practice is common.  The US has no law specifically prohibiting abortions based on gender, although some anti-abortionists have tried to use it to promote support for a law prohibiting it, or restricting women’s Read more [...]

Gender Selection Abortions

There was a political uproar in England a few years ago about women seeking abortions on the basis of the gender of the fetus. This is apparently against the law in England. It is also illegal in Australia, but Canada has no prohibition against it. As far as I can determine, it is not illegal in the US, but abortion statistics show no gender preference in this country. But…a law that limits the reason a woman can have an abortion? How does anyone know what her reasons are? She may have Read more [...]

An Abortion Fairy Tale

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a beautiful young married couple named Ken and Barbie.  They had two children named Ken Jr. and Barbarella.  Ken was a lawyer, in a very successful private practice.  Barbie was…what else…a soccer mom with her monster SUV to ferry her kids around for music lessons and soccer practice. They lived a perfect life, and their kids were progressing toward an equally perfect life.  Ken Jr. was only in the first grade, but he was already planning to join his father’s Read more [...]

Opposed to Abortion? Think About This.

  People who are opposed to abortion view the fetus as a human being.  They believe that human life is sacred, and that destroying it, even in its earliest forms, is a mortal sin.  Many of them believe that a human being is created at the instant of conception, so even removing that fertilized egg from the womb…whether it has attached itself to the wall of the uterus or not…is murder. However, polls have shown that the vast majority of such people are willing to grant an exception Read more [...]