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Creationist Debating Tricks

My experiences on the Web have included a number of interchanges with devout Christians. Most of these have been pleasant enough, but I am a nonbeliever, and occasionally things became a bit contentious, even downright nasty. I try not to respond “in kind” when someone aims an abusive or insulting post at me, and I think I succeed most of the time. I can be provoked, though, so I am not claiming to be “holier than thou,” if that is possible for one without religious faith. Some of the Read more [...]


Most religions are based on stories of miracles. Those miracles are always performed by a supernatural deity. The Bible is absolutely chock-full of miracles, from the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus to the water-into-wine trick. But the clincher is that huge bunch of miracles listed in the book of Genesis…about the creation of Heaven and Earth and all the living things on it. I can’t even count all the miracles in Genesis. I haven’t checked Guinness, but it must be a world record. Religious Read more [...]