Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Solar Power Problem

Solar panel owners are selfish, hypocritical liars. They say that they put solar panels on their roofs because they generate clean, renewable energy, and that helps the environment and prevents global warming which everybody knows is a hoax. But we know they put up those solar panels just to get out of buying electricity from the power companies. Most of them still buy a little, but not as much as they should. So the power companies are not selling enough electricity, and they will have to raise Read more [...]

Populist Pope?

Pope Francis has become the darling of liberal media with his populist positions on climate change and economic inequality. This has caused some discomfiture among Right Wingers who would normally embrace anything the Pope says because of the Catholic Church’s adamant opposition to abortion and contraception. Now they are saying that the Pope should stay out of scientific and political affairs...except when they agree with him, of course. While his support on these issues is welcome, he is certainly Read more [...]

Sticks and Stones

Kim Davis does not believe in the separation of church and state. I think that is a pretty safe statement. The County Clerk of Moran County in Kentucky refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. She cited her religious belief that homosexuality was a sin to justify her decision. The couple sued and won in court, but despite the judge’s decision, she adamantly refused to comply with the ruling and was sentenced to jail. The judge gave her an escape route. The clerks who work for her Read more [...]