Monthly Archives: October 2015

On Entitlements

Entitlement:  Noun.  The right to a particular privilege or benefit, granted by law or custom. Conservatives hate entitlements. They lump Social Security, Medicare and many other government programs into the entitlement box. They hate them all. Conservatives in Congress want to privatize both Social Security and Medicare, and abolish Food Stamps, Aid for Dependent Children and any other program that helps people. They label them all ‘Socialism,’ and that is definitely a dirty word to conservatives. Now Read more [...]

Religion…or Insanity?

I just finished reading a book called “Under The Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer. The subtitle is “A Story of Violent Faith.” It’s about the Mormon religion…from its inception in the mid-1800’s, by Joseph Smith, up to the present day. The book deals with Mormon Fundamentalism, which I didn’t know much about. I did know about the “polygs” that live in southern Utah and Northern Arizona…how they sell their barely-teenage daughters into multiple marriages, and how young 13 or Read more [...]