Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Apologists Are Wrong

I listened to a heartfelt statement by a beautiful young Muslim woman the other day. She was adamant. ISIS terrorists who decapitate people and commit mass killings are not Muslims. They are criminals using Islam as an excuse to commit their atrocities. She was clearly as horrified by the attacks as I am. She insisted that Islam is a religion of peace, and she was devastated by the invective that was being directed at her religion. Public comments on the recent attacks in Paris, Mali and Beirut Read more [...]

Free Will and the Leap of Faith

I have been engaged in an ongoing discussion with several friends about the concept of human Free Will, a cornerstone of all Abrahamic religions. If humans do not have Free Will, the whole scheme of sin and salvation collapses. I am going to walk down some well-trodden paths here, but bear with me and you will eventually see some new and, I hope, interesting scenery. Let’s begin with some characteristics of God, as described in various sacred documents. I have selected three that are relevant Read more [...]

Ah, Spring!

A few years ago, I became acquainted with an irrepressible octogenarian known as Dame Ruth, whom I met on a web site for wannabe writers.  The web site has since gone to the Great Beyond  and sadly, I have lost contact with her.  She had established a ‘tradition’ by publishing a particular poem on May 1st every year.  Here is her poem, and my responses to it: Hooray, hooray! It’s the First of May! Outdoor fucking starts today! My quick response was: In Minnesota You could try But Read more [...]

Fallen Heroes

We all have our heroes…people whom we admire and look up to, try to emulate, or just use as an ideal. Sometimes, sadly, they prove to have feet of clay and our adulation turns to disillusionment. It’s sad when this happens, as it did to me recently. I stumbled onto an article by Don Burleson a few days ago titled “On Religion.” It is a good piece, logical and well written.  I agreed with most of his arguments, although his style was a bit confrontational for my taste. Even Christopher Read more [...]