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Book Review: Blaming Jesus for Jehovah

Book Review Blaming Jesus for Jehovah By Robert M. Price In Chapter I, the author says, “I love the Bible.” But at the end of Chapter VI, after compiling a long litany of atrocities, inconsistencies and contradictions, he says that the Bible is so inconsistent that it cannot even be judged false. It is “just so much pernicious gibberish.” That’s a strange kind of love. Any study of Christianity or its foundational document is a study in factual errors, inconsistencies and contradictions. Read more [...]


I just stumbled upon an essay I wrote in 2003, not long after the WTC attacks. There is a lot of anger in this piece. Since then, I have thought about this subject a lot, and my views have changed somewhat, but the threat we faced then has not diminished. In fact it has increased, with the growing power of ISIS to strike anywhere in the world. Where was I wrong, and what do you think I should change in this today, almost 13 years later? I have been reading various essays recently, spanning the Read more [...]