Monthly Archives: June 2016

We’re Doing It For Your Own Good!

There is a new political movement in the US.  Well, maybe it isn’t new, but it is newly resurgent.  The recent Supreme Court decision striking down the abortion-suppression law in Texas is an example.  The proponents of that law claimed they were not singling out abortion clinics at all.  They were merely trying to safeguard the poor victimized women who were lured into those dens of iniquity. The Texas Legislature overwhelmingly passed a law back in 2013 that imposed strict regulations Read more [...]

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Since I acquired an electric vehicle (EV), I have thought about the future of these things.  They are too expensive now, and too heavy, because of the huge and costly lithium-ion battery that provides limited range, making the car useful only for commuting and local errands.  Even so, my car is a joy to drive, quick and silent with virtually no maintenance other than checking the tires.  Even the disk brake pads will probably never need replacement because it employs regenerative braking, converting Read more [...]

Hydrogen – Fuel for Cars?

When hydrogen burns, the primary product of combustion is water.  Compared to fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, it seems like a perfect “fuel” to power our vehicles.  No greenhouse gases like CO2 are produced to heat up the planet, nor are the other toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide that cause the acid rain that is destroying forests all over the planet.  Some small quantities of nitrogen oxides result from burning hydrogen, but much less than from fossil fuels. Hydrogen Read more [...]

Atheism is a Religion

If you are an atheist, then you are practicing a religion. Don’t try to deny it.  I’ll prove it to you. When you get up every morning and go to bed every night, don’t you pray to your non-god to protect you and your loved ones?  What about that Book of Atheism that you quote from all the time?  You even swear on it in court and when you recite oaths of office.  You claim you have a moral code, just like the rest of us, but you got it from the inscriptions on those platinum manhole Read more [...]