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Gay Marriage – Here We Go Again

Back in 2010, I wrote an article about California Proposition 8 which banned gay marriage. It was challenged in court, and eventually struck down on Constitutional grounds. Since then, many states have passed laws legalizing gay marriage, but the religiously motivated opposition has never given up, and now with a Republican Congress and White House, they are hoping to revisit the issue.[i] There are two facets to the gay marriage controversy. First, the legalization of same sex marriage, and second, Read more [...]

A Catholic Condom Conundrum

You’re in love.  You get married.  But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile.  Maybe later.  Or maybe not at all.  But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devoutly Catholic or Christian evangelical, so you are anti-abortion.  You might also be anti-contraception, but that only changes the degree of the dilemma that you face.  Because if you really don’t want kids, if having a child would be an emotional or financial disaster or a threat to your health, Read more [...]