Greed.  Intolerance.  Lust for Power.  They always go hand-in-hand.

The couple living next door happen to be of the same gender.  They want to get married and adopt children.  This offends some people, so they support political organizations that oppose same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples.

Down the street, a young couple, both professionals, are busy working and advancing their careers.  They plan to put off having children for a few years, so they use contraceptives.  Something goes wrong, and she becomes pregnant.  They decide to have an abortion.  This also offends some people.  Often, the same people who oppose gay marriage and gay adoption also oppose abortion, and even contraception.

Money is power in the United States.  Since the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, corporations and the wealthy can spend essentially unlimited amounts of money on TV ad campaigns attacking or supporting political candidates or causes, like deregulation of industry to allow them to increase their profits while degrading the environment, or regulation of people’s actions to enforce religious or moral agendas.  Money enables the greedy and intolerant to obtain political power, and that political power is often used in ways that are inimical to the interests of We the People.

Along with the admirable traits of generosity and altruism, it seems that the dark side of human nature has these other urges.  Until we learn to suppress them, to live-and-let-live in harmony with our neighbors we will all continue to live under the threat of oppression.  Until we commit to be responsible stewards of the planet, all of the earth’s inhabitants, human and nonhuman, plants and animals, will continue to be under the threat of annihilation.  Homo Sapiens is the most dangerous species of animal that has ever inhabited the earth.  No other animal has had the power to destroy every living thing on the planet.  Every day our destructive power increases, but our ability to control that power has not grown concurrently.

Will we change and survive?  Or will we continue down the road to oblivion?

The choice is ours.  No god will save us from global nuclear war or a plague brought on by bioterrorism or the devastating consequences of runaway global warming.  Some devout believers look forward to the “end times,” and even try to obstruct efforts to prevent it.  They view it as the inevitable outcome predicted by their religious texts.

Skeptics like me are horrified by those fatalistic eschatological beliefs.   We seek to avert the catastrophe that they welcome.  But we must be careful…even crafty…to maneuver around them and avoid their efforts to block us.   They represent the greatest threat to the future of mankind, a cancer growing within our society.  Left to grow, it will destroy us all.

Some of the pieces you will read on this web site address these problems, sometimes with suggested solutions, occasionally with attempts at humor, but often with hand-wringing because I really don’t have a clue how to slow the runaway train and prevent the wreck we are headed for.

I hope that my writings here will stimulate some minds brighter than mine and enlist some support for the changes that are urgently needed to encourage tolerance, and to save the planet for our children…and theirs.