About this web site

I have always enjoyed writing.  Putting together words in an organized manner and doing it artfully has always fascinated and challenged me.  When I was working, I think it set me apart from most of my engineering colleagues, many of whom viewed writing as a distasteful chore.  It may even have compensated to some extent for my modest talents as an engineer.  If my designs were not brilliant, at least my descriptions and presentations were cogent, organized and maybe even entertaining at times.

So when I retired, it was natural that I would indulge my urge to scribble, and I have written over two hundred short articles in the past few years.  The subjects have been varied, but most fall in a few general categories:  Politics, religion, travel and music.  Most are nonfiction, but a few of my favorites are fictional.

I have decided to collect the ones that I think are the best here.  This is a work in progress, and I will continue to add items that I feel are worthy as long as I continue to write.

I have no illusions that these are great works.  My writing skills are modest, and my muse is fickle.  Sometimes I will go for months and cannot think of a thing to write.  Other times, I can’t stop my fingers and brain from churning out great quantities of stuff, most of it mediocre.  Occasionally she (my muse) inspires me to write something that I think is pretty good.  Of course, it is difficult to be objective about one’s own works, so my opinion may not always be valid.

A final note:  Most of the material is “G-rated,” but there are a few pieces with some adult content.  They are flagged appropriately so that the reader may avoid those if such material is considered offensive.